So Much Expanse

I do these things to myself.

It started with my very late arrival to the TV series The Expanse. I’d had my eye on it for a while, then watched the first episode and found it to be a bit of a slog to get through, so put off getting back to it.

Then SyFy cancelled the series, it was picked up by Amazon, and was suddenly available to watch with my Prime membership.  So why not try again?

In the second viewing attempt, we pushed through a repeat viewing of the pilot episode and then, boy howdy, WE WERE HOOKED!  Such a great series with so much going on that makes me happy.  (I starting listing all of the other beloved pop culture properties this show touches on, but to do so would be too spoilery.)

So we watched Season 1.  Then I read the first book in the series by James S.A. Corey that the show is based on, Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse, #1).  The story covered in Leviathan takes you halfway into Season 2 of the show, and well past what we had watched so far.  We’ve since moved into Season 2, and so are safely into unspoilt territory on the show…but now I can’t wait to start the second book.

So, it looks like I’m going to be ReadWatching (I’m coining that term!) The Expanse, jumping forward and back in the narrative until the reading eventually outpaces the watching (There are a gazillion books in the series, YAY!).

Narrative chaos is my game!

the expanse

This Thing is Happening!


You’re invited to the release party and signing for A Geek’s Guide to Cross-Stitch: Journeys in Space on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Michaels in Studio City, CA!

Fanbase Press founders Bryant and Barbra Dillon hope that you will stop by and celebrate the upcoming release of the geeky crafting book, as well as the years of hard work by creator Clarissa Thorne (Unexpected Hobby) and graphic designer Oceano Ransford!

A Geek’s Guide to Cross-Stitch: Journeys in Space combines the art of cross-stitch with the science of space travel, providing a new outlet for geeky creativity for crafters of all experience levels.

Journeys in Space features over 25 original cross-stitch patterns that celebrate the awe and inspiration inherent in space travel and exploration. With patterns representing NASA’s Cassini and Juno missions, the Curiosity rover, the picturesque Mars landscape, and much more, the book offers a chance for both beginner and experienced crafters to express their love for science and space with cross-stitch patterns of varying sizes. Plus, Journeys in Space’s spiral-bound format allows crafters to lay the book flat for ultimate ease while stitching!  As a special bonus, the book features a foreword by geeky crafting maven Bonnie Burton!

Copies of the book will be available for sale, and creator Clarissa Thorne will be on hand for signing.

The Michaels store is located on the second floor of the shopping center with ample FREE parking in the underground garage.  Elevator and escalator access will take you to the second floor, and we will be celebrating in the store’s crafting room.

11239 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

Stay tuned for more updates on FacebookTwitter, and the Fanbase Press website!


In this episode, the Fanbase Press staff welcomes guest Tyler McPhail (co-founder of The Grand Geek Gathering) to discuss the latest geek news stories of the week, including the passing of Star Wars‘ Gary Kurtz, the new fan theory about Loki in Avengers: Infinity War, the controversy surrounding the reveal of Nagini in Fantastic Beasts, and our weekly trailer round-up with Star Wars ResistanceDark PhoenixDaredevil: Season 3and Bumblebee.

Cast members
: Bryant Dillon, Claire Thorne, and Barbra Dillon

Special guest: Tyler McPhail (co-founder of The Grand Geek Gathering)



In this episode, the Fanbase Press staff welcomes guests Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson (creators of the graphic novel, Science!, now on Kickstarter) to discuss the latest geek news stories of the week, including the recently released Captain Marvel trailer, the controversy about Batman: Damned, whether one Star Wars movie per year is too much, and our reactions to the Mary Poppins Returns trailer.

Cast members
: Bryant Dillon, Drew Siragusa, Claire Thorne, and Barbra Dillon

Special guests: Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson (creators of the graphic novel, Science!, now on Kickstarter)


Make Awesome Things

Craftcation: Business + Makers Conference is an annual life-changing four-day event featuring industry professionals leading attendees in over 100+ hands-on DIY workshops and creative business classes … so whether you’re coming to craft, grow your business or a little bit of both, there’s lots of making, meeting and learning in store for you.

Craftcation takes place April 3-7, 2019, in the beach town of Ventura, CA – about an hour north of Los Angeles. Craftcation utilizes Ventura’s historic downtown buildings and businesses as well as the beach for special events like networking meet & greets, cocktail socials, a pop-up shop, opening celebration, yoga, as well as food and art tours.




#Craftcation @dearhandmadelife


In this episode, the Fanbase Press staff welcomes guest Susan Lee (Life on Its Side Studios: Wraith of Love, Shadow of the Knight, Women on the Dark Side) to discuss the latest geek news stories of the week, including the celebration of The X-Files‘ 25th anniversary, whether Henry Cavill is out of the DCEU, Hulu’s First space exploration show, and Chris Pine on nudity and violence in film.

Cast members
: Bryant Dillon, Claire Thorne, and Barbra Dillon

Special guest: Susan Lee (Life on Its Side Studios: Wraith of Love, Shadow of the Knight, Women on the Dark Side)


Craftcation: Business + Makers Conference 2019

Craftcation: Business & Makers Conference, is an annual four-day conference held in the artsy seaside town of Ventura in Southern California. The nationally-known conference features industry experts leading attendees in 150+ small business smarts and creative craft workshops as well as social gatherings to connect and foster community through activities and inspiration. You’ll find that you not only will you make new friends, but you’ll reconnect with yourself too.

#Craftcation @dearhandmadelife

Early-bird registration opens October 5, 2018 at 9:00am PT.

The first 50 people to register get $50 off!