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Commission a Cross-Stitch Design!

Unexpected Hobby is currently accepting requests for commissioned cross-stitch designs, kits, and completed projects. Custom cross-stitch art is an incredible gift for yourself or someone else! Whether you would like an original design to stitch, or you’ve purchased a pattern and want someone to stitch it for you, I will work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for.


To place an order for a commissioned piece, simply hit the “REQUEST CUSTOM ORDER” button on the lefthand side of the Unexpected Hobby Etsy store main page

Request Custom Order

Prior to order acceptance, we will work out all of the details, including (but not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • Description of the image/design you want;
  • Preferred color scheme;
  • Approximate size;
  • The potential final use of the design (framed, for use in a sewing project, etc.);
  • Cost to design;
  • Cost to stitch (if applicable);
  • Cost for any project kits based on the design (if applicable);
  • Timeline for order completion.

I look forward to working with you to create an amazing piece of cross-stitch art!!

Mode Babysitting Service

I love The Incredibles…the whole cast of characters…Bob, Helen, the kids, Lucius, and so many more. But if I’m really honest with myself, my love affair is with Edna Mode and Jack-Jack. And that Raccoon.

I desperately want a TV series featuring this little side family. Let’s call it “The Edna and Jack-Jack Show”. It will be kind of like Phineas and Ferb, with the same story structure every week. The Parrs drop Jack-Jack off at the beginning of the episode, in a hurry to get to some off-screen hero-ing. Edna and Jack-Jack then go off on their own adventure, save some victims, capture some bad guys, save the day. Then they’re back at the Mode Mansion just in time for Jack-Jack to head back home, no one the wiser.

And of course they always have a run in with Jack-Jack’s nemesis…RACCOON!

Someone needs to make this happen for me. Until then…I’ve got a little stitching to hold me over…

Mode Babysitting Service is now available in the Unexpected Hobby Etsy store, Digital Pattern and Full Kit.

mode babysitting service

Stitch, Then March

I’m getting ready for this year’s Women’s March in Los Angeles…preparing my protest sign supplies, setting out my walking shoes, and emailing my government representatives about the things that are important to me.

And doing some stitching…

“She Persisted” is available in the Unexpected Hobby Etsy store now, in its original version and a pattern celebrating The Handmaid’s Tale. Pick up one (or both) of these empowering  designs today and join in the #Craftivism!




So Much Expanse

I do these things to myself.

It started with my very late arrival to the TV series The Expanse. I’d had my eye on it for a while, then watched the first episode and found it to be a bit of a slog to get through, so put off getting back to it.

Then SyFy cancelled the series, it was picked up by Amazon, and was suddenly available to watch with my Prime membership.  So why not try again?

In the second viewing attempt, we pushed through a repeat viewing of the pilot episode and then, boy howdy, WE WERE HOOKED!  Such a great series with so much going on that makes me happy.  (I starting listing all of the other beloved pop culture properties this show touches on, but to do so would be too spoilery.)

So we watched Season 1.  Then I read the first book in the series by James S.A. Corey that the show is based on, Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse, #1).  The story covered in Leviathan takes you halfway into Season 2 of the show, and well past what we had watched so far.  We’ve since moved into Season 2, and so are safely into unspoilt territory on the show…but now I can’t wait to start the second book.

So, it looks like I’m going to be ReadWatching (I’m coining that term!) The Expanse, jumping forward and back in the narrative until the reading eventually outpaces the watching (There are a gazillion books in the series, YAY!).

Narrative chaos is my game!

the expanse