What I’m Listening To – American Gods

I’ve finally started Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.  This is a title that has been in my Goodreads queue since the beginning of time and is long overdue for “Currently Reading” status.

There are a couple of audiobook versions of American Gods out there to select from, including the 10th Anniversary Harper Audio Full-Cast production.  I’m  more a fan of the single-narrator style than the audio-drama end of the spectrum.  So I was delighted to see that the original unabridged recording is by none other than the fabulous George Guidall himself.

George Guidall is listed on Audible.com with over 850 unabridged audiobook credits to his name.  That’s a serious career for a seriously talented performer who is responsible (along with the amazing Frank Muller) for one of my favorite book series of all time, The Dark Tower by Stephen King.  I can attest there is no compromise for quantity over quality with Mr. Guidall.

This is gonna be good…


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