Wonder Woman on the Super Big Screen

I saw Wonder Woman this last weekend with my husband, 11-year-old son, and sister-in-law at a sold-out screening in Hollywood, CA.  It’s being sold-out was significant partly because we’d screwed up getting enough tickets for our group, and my husband literally ending up getting the last seat in the theater, but also because this particular screening was in the Arclight Cinema historic Cinerama Dome which boasts an 800+ person seating capacity.

Most delightfully, the theater complex was packed with people, old and young, male and female, who were clearly super excited to see Diana Prince take her place in the superhero blockbuster pantheon.  Tiaras, bracelets, and themed T-Shirts abounded…on men and women.

The crowd carried no hint of the various debates surrounding this landmark female-lead, female-directed, female-centric production.  The mix of male to female viewers seemed notably even, to the extend that my son (again, 11-years-old and clearly a little sponge for all of the discussions about feminism he’s exposed to) expressed his surprise that there was such a strong male turnout.  He then capped off his relieved observation with a sardonic, “Men these days.”

Oh, how I love my little feminist.

Anyway, it was certainly one of happier and more emotional theater experiences I’ve had in a long while.  Hundreds of people from all walks of live oohing and aahing, laughing and crying, clapping and cheering for a long overdue cultural milestone.


(Oh…and when you’re ready for a spoilery discussion, remind me to give you my Steve Trevor / James T. Kirk theory.  It’s ludicrous, and I stand by it 1000%.)

(Also, stay tuned to Fanbase Press and Fanbase Weekly for the release of our in-depth panel discussion about the movie.)


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