The Great Geeky Book Proof

Last Thursday, I finally got my hands on the first physical version A Geek’s Guide to Cross-Stitch: Journeys in Space. It was absolutely amazing to see and feel the pages, to hold it in its nearly finished form. It is suddenly a very real thing, and I am amazed to find that I am really and truly just around the corner from having the final version in my hands in all its glory.

There have been lots of other hands involved in this book since I started designing a few rockets and aliens. In the few weeks between now and the release date, I’m going to have many strong words of praise and appreciation for my publisher, the book designer, and my husband…to name just a few people.  But this last Thursday, as I held those pages, I thought about the first people who have held these designs in their hands and who spent so many hours stitching them into little bits of beauty.  To all the lovely ladies at Geek Girls Forever, specifically Kate Moore, Chelsea Stevenson, Jeny Vasquez, Jeanne Ess, and Melanie Kline…you are stitching rock stars, and I adore you.

Journeys in Space is available for pre-order now…click here to get your copy!


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