Mode Babysitting Service

I love The Incredibles…the whole cast of characters…Bob, Helen, the kids, Lucius, and so many more. But if I’m really honest with myself, my love affair is with Edna Mode and Jack-Jack. And that Raccoon.

I desperately want a TV series featuring this little side family. Let’s call it “The Edna and Jack-Jack Show”. It will be kind of like Phineas and Ferb, with the same story structure every week. The Parrs drop Jack-Jack off at the beginning of the episode, in a hurry to get to some off-screen hero-ing. Edna and Jack-Jack then go off on their own adventure, save some victims, capture some bad guys, save the day. Then they’re back at the Mode Mansion just in time for Jack-Jack to head back home, no one the wiser.

And of course they always have a run in with Jack-Jack’s nemesis…RACCOON!

Someone needs to make this happen for me. Until then…I’ve got a little stitching to hold me over…

Mode Babysitting Service is now available in the Unexpected Hobby Etsy store, Digital Pattern and Full Kit.

mode babysitting service

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