What I’m Reading

I have decided to make lemonade out of the bushel of lemons that was The Dark Tower movie and start on a number of Stephen King books that have Dark Tower-related plots, themes, and characters.  (Of course, by “reading”, you will understand that I’m referring to listening to the audio-books. Huzzah for hoarded Audible credits!)

And I’m going to throw in a re-read of The Wind Through the Keyhole, which is the newest book in the series itself.  I’ve only read it through one time, so it probably feels pretty lonely compared to the rest of the books.

(I came very close to launching into The Dark Tower series itself, but decided that listening to all seven audio-books again for the second time in one year would be detrimental to the diversity of my current reading list. *Sigh*)



I have an article over on Fanbase Press today talking about Stephen King’s depiction of technology in The Dark Tower series.  Cyborgs, killer trains, and weapons of mass destruction…oh, my!

Also…just a little over 24 hours before I get to go see the movie!

“To commemorate the cinematic premiere of The Dark Tower in theaters today, Fanbase Press is excited to celebrate its fandom through an editorial series that focuses on aspects of Stephen King’s series of books, collectively known as The Dark Tower series.”