Lights! Camera! FREEZE!!

So, tonight I’m going to be doing a live show with XSN, talking about my cross-stitch kits and business and geeky stuff.

Which means you can head over to SHOPXSN.COM at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET and watch me forget what my own name is while staring into the camera with the dazed stare of a gazelle who thinks it can avoid being eaten by the lion if it can just stand perfectly still, not breathing, not moving a muscle. Cue the David Attenborough narrative…

Seriously, though, I’ll be so happy if you join us!  COUPON CODES WILL BE ANNOUNCED!!


New on Etsy!

You can now purchase ready-to-stitch project kits for all of my designs in my Etsy store in the “Cross Stitch Kits” section.  Each kit includes the cross-stitch pattern with instructions and tips, Aida material, one tapestry needle, a supply of DMC embroidery floss, and wooden embroidery hoop.

Time to stitch!!

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Boldly Go and The Little Planets

Over the holidays, I discovered the wonderful series of planetary cross-stitch patterns by Space Navid over on Etsy.  He initially had Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune.  Mars just showed up.  I’m officially obsessed.  You may have seen my “work in progress” posts over on Instagram.

Planning on hanging a full set of these with my original “Boldly Go” piece.  So much space-nerdy goodness.

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Also…Boldly Go and The Little Planets…totally my rock band name.