Leap Day Stitching Love

What better way to spend a whole extra day of the year than by sharing a lovely bit of stitching I came across (via MrXStitch, whose blog you should be reading every day).

Simply Stitched, available at Zakka Workshop, featuring designs by Yumiko Higuchi.


Boldly Go and The Little Planets

Over the holidays, I discovered the wonderful series of planetary cross-stitch patterns by Space Navid over on Etsy.  He initially had Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune.  Mars just showed up.  I’m officially obsessed.  You may have seen my “work in progress” posts over on Instagram.

Planning on hanging a full set of these with my original “Boldly Go” piece.  So much space-nerdy goodness.

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Also…Boldly Go and The Little Planets…totally my rock band name.