I have an article over on Fanbase Press today talking about Stephen King’s depiction of technology in The Dark Tower series.  Cyborgs, killer trains, and weapons of mass destruction…oh, my!

Also…just a little over 24 hours before I get to go see the movie!

“To commemorate the cinematic premiere of The Dark Tower in theaters today, Fanbase Press is excited to celebrate its fandom through an editorial series that focuses on aspects of Stephen King’s series of books, collectively known as The Dark Tower series.”


Other Pursuits at the End of the World

When I’m not stitching, planning to stitch, or being distracted from stitching by mundane “day job” tasks, I’m usually reading or listening to an audio-book of some description.  I am an avid Speculative Fiction junkie, gravitating to the Apocalyptic side of the spectrum.  Bring on the zombies, aliens, pandemics, natural disasters…if it’s ending the world, I’m immersed in it.

I think my obsession with end of all things largely stems from the knowledge that, if an extinction event of any kind actually happens, I’m probably going to be one of the first to go.  Even if I were to survive whatever first wave erases the bulk of the world’s population, I’m utterly blind without my high-maintenance system of contact lenses, and am literally going to go out in some kind of unidentifiable blur.

So back in 2014, I started writing reviews here and there for Fanboy Comics.  Now I’m doing it on a regular basis.  And I’m getting sucked in to the world of graphic novels and comic books.  Hey, when you’re a geek, it’s all just an entry-level drug isn’t it.

Oh, and go check out Fanboy Comics…they’re doing a lot of great geeky stuff.