Craftcation 2016, Here I Come!!!

Go back to the birthing room of the fledgling crafting business that is An Unexpected Hobby, and you’ll find Craftcation 2015 standing over my scared little laboring body, shouting, “PUSH, PUSH!!”

Since that amazingly inspiring weekend, I’ve created this blog, developed dozens of cross-stitch patterns, taught classes, and put together stitching kits to sell at my local comic book store and comic book conventions.  I’m on the cusp of opening an Etsy shop with digital patterns available.

I’ve never felt so overwhelmed and empowered all at the same time.  Balancing a personal business project, staying creatively inspired, keeping up with the day job, making it all work without forever alienating friends and family…it’s all a full-time job.  I’ve come so far and there’s still so much to get off the launch pad.

So it’s back to Craftcation 2016 for an infusion of inspiration, networking, learning, sharing, crafting, eating, drinking (yay!).

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Happy land of creativity… (Image via Dear Handmade Life)

How many days until April?

I Have a Glorious Geek Hangover

On Saturday night, teems of fabulously dressed geek girls flooded my local comic book store, Brave New World Comics, and took the place over.  We did played games, got manicures, sang songs, waged epic trivia battles, and listened to a fabulous group of women, who work in the comic book and related industries, talk about their experiences loving and living their fandoms.

We asked ourselves, “What kind of comics to girls like to read?”  We answered, “ALL OF THEM!”

It was amazing.

And of course, we stitched.  While sitting really close to a mound of cupcakes.

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