Lights! Camera! FREEZE!!

So, tonight I’m going to be doing a live show with XSN, talking about my cross-stitch kits and business and geeky stuff.

Which means you can head over to SHOPXSN.COM at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET and watch me forget what my own name is while staring into the camera with the dazed stare of a gazelle who thinks it can avoid being eaten by the lion if it can just stand perfectly still, not breathing, not moving a muscle. Cue the David Attenborough narrative…

Seriously, though, I’ll be so happy if you join us!  COUPON CODES WILL BE ANNOUNCED!!


I Have a Glorious Geek Hangover

On Saturday night, teems of fabulously dressed geek girls flooded my local comic book store, Brave New World Comics, and took the place over.  We did played games, got manicures, sang songs, waged epic trivia battles, and listened to a fabulous group of women, who work in the comic book and related industries, talk about their experiences loving and living their fandoms.

We asked ourselves, “What kind of comics to girls like to read?”  We answered, “ALL OF THEM!”

It was amazing.

And of course, we stitched.  While sitting really close to a mound of cupcakes.

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