Wuv and Mawage and Geek Girls Forever

Headed off to Brave New World tonight to participate in the first Geek Girls Forever meeting.  We’re gonna watch Princess Bride and stitch stuff.  Finished a new Cross-Stitch Kit in honor of the occasion.  A little ode to love with lots of hearts…

Wuv...and Hearts

Wuv…and Hearts

Blood and Sand and Stitching

I spent a good portion of my stitching time this weekend binge-watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  I ended up quite a bit more fond of Crixus than I would have predicted He’s a bit too brawny for my most superficial of tastes, but was surprisingly sympathetic towards the end.

Mostly, though, I couldn’t shake the sadness of losing Andy Whitfield.  Sometimes you can’t escape the real life in your escapism.

On the project front, I’ve finished up Darryl’s Wings and am deep into making a decision about what floral fabric to use to frame them.  Yes, there will be flowers.  There can be no Walking Dead embroidery without some flowers to look at!

And I prepped a bunch of small round hoops that are just waiting for some brilliant design ideas.  Maybe some of these will end up as a grouping…so many possibilities!

A little garden of embroidery hoops, ready for seeding.

A little garden of embroidery hoops, ready for seeding.