In which we extol the virtures of an R-Rated Logan (more Hugh Jackman tushie?!), get excited about Good Trolls, ponder a dystopian future where Game of Thrones is just another VR experience for the rich and the spoiled, and dive into the world of the PFAE (trademark pending).

Special guest Aaron Waltke (Netflix’s Trollhunters).

Ep. #206, The Fanboy Scoop: Week in Review

In this week’s episode, we squint at comics on our phones, battle teddy bears in their natural habitat, applaud a massive internet corporation, and steel ourselves for the dark and gritty world of Jessica Jones.  And Barbra and I channel Vasquez and Ripley in an attempt to save our unit from a bunch of pesky little furballs (and one big one).
High fives to guest Stefano Terry, Creator of The Gamma Gals!

Geeks Stitching Alert!

I’m so ready to teach my Star Wars, Rebel R2D2 design tonight at Brave New World Comics in Valencia, CA.  Got a nifty Star Wars geeky T-Shirt to wear and everything.


This would make a great tattoo!



The geeky T-Shirt in question. Via


Lots of Little Patterns

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been focused almost entirely on producing small cross-stitch patterns for a project “to be announced soon.”  I’m super excited and a little bit panicked, but in a totally good, constructive way.  You’ve seen many of these designs as works in progress, and yesterday I spent some time finishing them up and taking some pictures.

2015-05-26 10.54.21